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SolFiT Roof Integrated BIPV System

The SolFiT Top Loader BIPV System is a new, game-changing roof-integrated PV solution. Developed by a small dedicated team of UK PV installation engineers and designers, Midsummer is proud to be the first UK stockist of this exciting new mounting system.

Designed for new-build properties or re-roofs, the SolFiT frame is fitted directly to the PV laminate in the Bisol solar panel factory. With minimal component parts, SolFiT has no clips, clamps, brackets or plastic. Working from top to bottom (ridge to eaves), typically 4 panels can be fitted in 30 minutes or less.

Installing SolFiT is a very easy process, and guidance can be found in their installation manual, as well as instructional videos on their website.

We have more general information available on in-roof PV technology on this page.