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What is Easy-PV?

Brought to you by the Midsummer development team, Easy-PV represents our vision of accessible solar PV designs for all. As a stand alone web based tool, Easy-PV offers a complete design package for both commercial and personal use.

If you're looking for help with designs, quotations, purchasing and the certification process, we've got you sorted.


Who is Easy-PV suitable for?

Everyone! Easy-PV has been designed with simplicity in mind. No technical knowledge required. Simply let Easy-PV guide you through the design process step by step.


What kind of features does Easy-PV offer?

  • Roof Solar PV layout designs
  • Inverter string configurations
  • DC + AC electrical checks
  • Performance generation with Sunpath shading support
  • Auto generated schematics
  • Structural calculations - Weight and wind loading with span table support
  • Financial forecasting with graphical payback periods and export tariff payments
  • Quotation tools offering margin analysis and VAT guidelines
  • Detailed end user handover reports
  • Auto G98 & G99 (A1-1 & A1-2) DNO applications
  • Auto PV Array Test Reports 


How do I get started?

Registration takes mere seconds, simply sign up for a free account at Easy-PV. Create your first project and have a play! If you're looking for some extra guidance, simply get in touch or register here for a free online training session.


What's the difference between the Free version and the Pro subscription?

   Free  Pro  Enterprise
 No. of projects  20  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Backup service  6 months  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Financial forecasting  15 years  Unlimited  Unlimited
 Performance analysis  Basic  Full  Full
 Trade discount  Yes  Yes  Yes
 DNO forms task  -  Yes  Yes
 Consumption & battery modelling  -  Yes  Yes
 Component upload  -  Yes  Yes
 Company logo  -  Yes  Yes
 Custom reports  -  Yes  Yes
 Corporate training  -  Yes  Yes
 User accounts  1  1+  Unlimited
 Project sharing  -  Yes  Yes
Priority technical helpline  -  -  Yes
Custom white-label solution  -  -  Yes
  £0 £25 + £12.50 per user* Get in touch!

* Excluding VAT

How much is a Pro membership?

UK users can register with a monthly direct debit for just £25 + VAT. No contracts or long-term obligations required. Once logged in at Easy-PV, Click the Upgrade to Pro link at the top right of the page or follow the instructions on the homepage to unlock the full package.


Is there a discount for multiple Pro users?

Every additional Pro account within a single organisation benefits from a 50% discount. At the reduced rate of £12.50 + VAT users gain the ability to work collaboratively while sharing projects, components and report templates. Looking for 20 plus users? Get in touch regarding our Enterprise package.


Why is there a charge?

Representing many years of development time, Easy-PV is not your typical manufacturer designer or wholesale portal. As a comprehensive stand alone tool, our online solution very much rivals design packages such as PV*SOL. Offering industry leading value for money, installers rely on Easy-PV to support their front line sales teams with a feature rich all-in-one solution. 


Does Easy-PV integrate with Midsummer?

Though existing as a separate entity, Easy-PV designs can be transferred to Midsummer Wholesale by clicking Review and Order from the overview page. At the touch of a button, the Midsummer Wholesale website loads in a new browser tab with the basket auto populated ready for purchase.

Are Midsummer trade discounts reflected within Easy-PV?

Easy-PV and Midsummer Wholesale accounts can be linked for accurate pricing at the point of quotation. Head to the preferences section within Easy-PV and enter the email and password associated with your Midsummer account. Unless a trade link is established, Easy-PV displays retail pricing as standard.

Do you offer training sessions?

Absolutely, online screen share sessions are available on request or by booking here. Check out our Easy-PV YouTube channel too! Prefer to meet in person? Pop by our premises in Cambridge for a chat or get in touch to arrange a site visit. A one-to-one consultation is the perfect way to learn more about Midsummer and discuss your software and product needs. Busy schedule? Out of office and weekend training slots available for a small fee.


Does Easy-PV follow the official MCS guidelines?

Easy-PV has been built from the ground up according to MCS guidelines and Building Regulations. Easy-PV reports have stood the test of time when it comes to MCS audits. Everything you need to pass with flying colours in one convenient place.


Is Easy-PV available in my country?

Easy-PV is available globally with territory specific features for the UK and Irish markets. Simply Register at Easy-PV.com and select your region during registration.


I have an idea for a future update 

Great! We're always keen to hear from our users. Easy-PV has been developed by solar experts for solar installers. Updates go live on a regular basis, so get in touch and share your feature requests. Keep an eye on the Easy-PV news feed for details regarding the latest releases.


I need specific features tailored to the needs of my business

Following a consultation process, our Enterprise solution allows custom versions of Easy-PV to be developed. Unique features, widgets and tweaks tailored to your exact requirements. Peace of mind guaranteed. Get in touch for more information and details.


Who can I call for help and support?

Our Easy-PV guru (Ash) is on hand for support and guidance. Give him a call on +44 01223 851868 or say hello at ash@easy-pv.co.uk.


I'm feeling social...

Give us a wave, poke or like at:

LinkedIn - The Easy-PV Development Team

Twitter - @EasyPV

Midsummer & Easy-PV Training


Online webinar sessions available on request

The perfect way to get started or learn more about Midsummer and our rather nifty design tools.

Easy-PV represents our vision of an integrated solar platform catering for roof layout designs, inverter and electrical compatibility checks, payback periods, end-user quotations, structural calculations, seamless purchasing, auto DNO applications and much more besides.

The Midsummer website will also be covered in detail. Learn how to check stock levels, generate quotations and place orders, access datasheets, installation manuals and invoices. We'll also generate a full kit price and component list in less than 30 seconds with our quick kit builder.

Get in touch for a no obligation consultation and discover how Midsummer can save you time and money.


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