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Solarport innovative ground mount system

The team at Solarport have designed an innovative yet simple solution for all ground mount applications, both domestic and commercial - and we're excited to be their distributor in the UK!

The Modular system has been engineered with simplicity and flexibility at its core: easy to install, and adaptable for installation in almost any terrain (80% of UK land area).

How does it meet these requirements?

Flexibility: adaptable configurations

The Modular system can be put together in any configuration that best suits the site of the array. Whatever the terrain, Solarport's flexibility can cater to your needs!

Foundation options: wide range of fixing options to enable installation on any kind of terrain. These include: C Pile, Concreted Pile, X-Anchor, Ballasted, Direct Fix, and Ground Screw. Further details on all foundation options are available on the Solarport website.

Scalable: the Modular system accommodates arrays of 4 panels up to megawatt scale!

Compatible: Solarport accommodates your preferences, fitting all standard sizes of panel, so you don't have to change from your favourite or familiar products to use the system.

Tailored: select the tilt angle that best fits the installation, choosing from a 20, 25, or 30 degree angle.

Simplicity: engineered for easy install

Solarport was founded by engineers and solar installers, and they designed their system prioritising ease of installation. Adjustable hardware, one fixing size throughout, and solutions that reduce the need for working at height make installation hassle-free.

One of our early customers had this to say after his first experience installing the Modular system: "We found this system great to install, with no need to hire any machinery - preserving the customer’s garden from any damage through digging. The installation guide and job specific plan that was provided was easy to follow and use. The end user was over the moon with the installation and I look forward to the next one using this system!”

For more information, see Solarport's company and product brochure, or reach out to the Midsummer team who will be happy to help!