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Enphase Microinverters

Enphase are one of the world's leading microinverter manufacturers. The company developed the world's first microinverter system in 2008 and now employs over 300 people in 21 different countries. If you are looking for products that can optimise the efficiency of your solar panels, the Enphase IQ7 series inverters tick all the boxes (more details here).

With a string inverter, it is likely that a shaded or dirty solar panel will affect the output of your entire solar system. Microinverters are connected to a singular panel and therefore operate independently. If one panel becomes shaded or is dirty, it won't affect the output of the other panels in your system. With a superb 25 year warranty as standard, the peace of mind and extra lifetime generation from the solar modules is a great upgrade to many installations.

Enphase burst technology allows their microinverters to produce more at dawn, dusk, and in low-light conditions.

A real point of differentiation with Enphase Energy architecture is safety. Homeowners and installers alike, worldwide, are interested in safety more than anything else, and Enphase has one of the safest inverter architectures in the industry. More about Enphase’s architecture is available in the whitepaper available here.

The Enphase architecture was recently installed by the NHS in Kent, helping them get the most out of a challenging roof layout. Read more about this case study here.

Enphase systems can be designed in easy-PV, a quick way to double check the BOM (Bill of Materials) is by using the Enphase System Builder. This design tool will suggest the most appropriate microinverter, including the IQ battery 5P and allows you to download the BOM in excel!

For Enphase support, please see our Technical Support page.

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