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How to find G98, G99, and G100 certificates

Introduction to the ENA

Energy Networks Association is a not-for-profit industry body representing the companies which operate the electricity wires, gas pipes and energy system in the UK and Ireland.

G98 and G99 are ENA standards that outline the requirements for connecting generators in parallel with public low voltage networks (i.e. 230V). Standards G98 and G99 superseded the previous ENA standard G83 and G59 on 17 May 2019. G100 details the technical requirements for customers' export and import limitation schemes applicable after 1 May 2023.

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has developed and hosts the site on behalf of its Distribution Network Operator (DNO) members in order to promote product identification and information sharing but it is the responsibility of the product manufacturers to upload and maintain data and documentation relating to their products. The ENA simply hosts manufacturers' data and their statements of compliance.

How to find & download certificates (G98/G99/G100)

G98 is for connections less than 3.68kW/phase (<16A)

G99 is for connections greater than 3.68kW/phase (>16A)

G100 details the technical requirements for customers' export and import limitation schemes

Head over to the ENA Type Test Register

1.Specify the Manufacturer of the product you are installing

2. Specify the Device Category

Options: Inverter, Synchronous Machine, Asynchronous Machine, Component (e.g. interface protection), and Stand-alone G100 Device

3. Specify the Device Type

Options: CHP Unit, Domestic CHP, Generating Unit, Energy Storage Device, Export Limiting Device, Fuel Cell, PV, Wind Turbine, Hydro Generation Unit, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Charging Device, Stand-alone G100 Device, Interface Protection Device, and Other

4. Once you have specified at least one of the filters, and clicked on the Search/Filter button, a list of all the associated devices will be displayed.


Device lines highlighted in green have been approved and have valid G98, G99, and / or G100 certificates. 

Device lines highlighted in brown are still awaiting assessment.

Device lines highlighted in light grey require further information to be approved by the ENA.

Note: there are often 2 listings for a single device; 1 for Great Britain and 1 for Northern Ireland.

Clicking on the System Reference (ENA Number) on the left hand side will bring up a window with more detailed information and the device’s associated certificates. You can view/download these certificates from this popup window.

Note: devices may only be compliant for one of the three certification types.

Midsummer Energy strive to only stock and sell products that are certified with the ENA. However, given the wide range of inverters stocked, rapid technological changes and new generations being released by manufacturers, delays at the ENA in certification processing time due to the volume of certificates, and regulatory changes for G100 standards, we recommend that all installers double check the certification status of any inverters they're planning to install.