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Upcoming Webinars

We have a wide range of webinars and online training sessions from our industry partners, outlined below. We will be continuing to add more topics in the coming days, and if any topics prove especially popular we will add more sessions of those. We are also open to feedback - do let your account handler know if there's a topic you'd like to see covered!  

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Midsummer Mornings...

Your roadshow at home! Bringing themed discussions and manufacturer presentations to your sofa.

We're running a series of webinar mornings with content from a great range of industry partners, arranged around different themes. We'll cover up-skilling in off-grid, three-phase storage systems, PPA funding and many more topics besides. More than 16 industry speakers will join us across the sessions.

Head over to the Midsummer Mornings page to find out more and register.




Midsummer & Easy-PV Training

Online webinar sessions available on request

The perfect way to get started or learn more about Midsummer and our rather nifty design tools.

Easy-PV represents our vision of an integrated solar platform catering for roof layout designs, inverter and electrical compatibility checks, payback periods, end-user quotations, structural calculations, seamless purchasing, auto DNO applications and much more besides.

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The Midsummer website will also be covered in detail. Learn how to check stock levels, generate quotations and place orders, access datasheets, installation manuals and invoices. We'll also generate a full kit price and component list in less than 30 seconds with our quick kit builder.

Get in touch for a no obligation consultation and discover how Midsummer can save you time and money.


Webinar Training Sessions

Training Dates

Training Sessions

Easy-PV UK - 11:30 BST (GMT)
Easy-PV UK - 13:30 BST (GMT)
Easy-PV International - 7:00 BST (GMT)
Easy-PV International - 10:00 BST (GMT)
Easy-PV International - 15:00 BST (GMT)
Easy-PV International - 17:00 BST (GMT)

SolarEdge training 

SolarEdge Logo

An in-depth look at all of the SolarEdge products, their roadmap for the future and their online monitoring and designer tools.

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Follow the link to find out more, and register at the click of a button.

Sunamp training 

Sunamp Logo

Sign up to an online product training with Sunamp. Small group sessions run with the technical team from Sunamp to get installers familiar with the details of this new technology.

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Follow the link to find out more, and register at the click of a button.

Fronius training 

Fronius Logo

A variety of fantastic webinars looking at the Fronius inverters and accessories, and other topics such as lithium ion battery recycling.

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Follow the link to find out more, and register at the click of a button.

GSE training 

GSE Logo

An overview of the GSE products, best practice and tips and tricks for making installs as smooth as possible.

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Follow the link to find out more, and register at the click of a button.