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SoFar Solar Battery Storage Systems

AC coupled and Hybrid battery storage systems from SoFar solar offer tremendous value and incredibly flexible battery capacity by utilising the modular Pylon 2.4kWh and 3.5kWh units. 

The AC coupled kit it is suitable for any existing or new PV array, even those with dual tracker inverters, microinverters or power optimisers (such as SolarEdge).

SoFar units have the ability to charge from the grid, meaning customers with Economy 7, or similar, tariffs have the option to harvest this cheaper electricity for later use. They also come with monitoring built in which can be viewed via their Android or iOS app.

Looking for PV inverters? Check out the full range from Sofar.

For Sofar Technical Support, please email:  Scott (scott.feng@sofarsolar.com), Stella (lixiang@sofarsolar.com) and KT (koktiong.ooi@sofarsolar.com). Midsummer Energy are no longer able to process RMA replacements and these must be done directly with Sofar. We will assist with urgent on site technical support where we're able, but for all other support enquiries they must be done directly with Sofar.