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Ever wondered if you could build a roof from solar panels?

This week we are shining the spotlight on the amazing Solfit team and their one-of-a-kind, interlocking solar panels. These panels have been designed by installers to be as easy as possible to install - each panel simply interlocks with the next, creating a completely watertight seal.

Solfit was founded and designed by installer Ewen Estill, who drew upon his 15 years of experience as a solar installer, to design the ultimate easy-to-install panel. These panels are uniquely situated in the solar market, offering both a high-quality, in-roof solution for residential roofs, and a watertight, overcladding option for reviving old, leaky commercial roofs.

How It Works

This 30 second video shows how effortlessly Solfit panels can be installed, thanks to their interlocking design. 

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Domestic In-Roof


The first application of Solfit panels is as a sleek, high-quality in-roof system for domestic properties. The interlocking design means fewer components are required (no plastic tubs, clamps, rails, or brackets), which dramatically improves the ease of install, while achieving an elegant finished look. 

The interlocking design creates a watertight seal, where the panels form the roof. This makes it ideal for new builds or re-roofs - why spend on roofing materials that you will overlay with solar panels, when your panels can become the roofing materials? (You can find out more about the advantages of in-roof PV systems on our useful information page.) 

The all-black, double-glass panels offer a robust, premium finish. Along with their ESG certification, Solfit in-roof panels are designed to stand out from the crowd, whilst making your life as an installer as simple as possible.

Solfit is fully integrated with our Easy PV design software, allowing you to effortlessly create full Solfit systems and easily load them into your basket on the Midsummer website. 

Commercial Overcladding


When people look to fix old, leaky or asbestos commercial roofs, they usually think they have two options: carry out a full, costly repair/replacement of the roof, or add a ‘second skin’ to the existing roof using metal sheeting or cladding (known as “overcladding”).

Until fairly recently, this assumption would have been correct. However, Solfit offers a unique third option, the only of its type on the market. Being completely watertight, Solfit allows you to create that ‘second skin’ entirely from solar panels, suitable for asbestos, fibre cement and metal roofs. Rather than a huge outgoing, overcladding with solar gives you a roof repair with a return. As you can see below, Solfit also offers transparent panels to roof over existing sunlights whilst retaining watertightness, as well as bespoke fixtures for working around vents.

See all Solfit products and pricing on their product page.