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Battery Storage Solutions

Now stocking SolaX Hybrid inverter/battery storage kits.

Find out more about the Growatt SP range of DC battery storage systems. Ideal for retrofitting.

Read all about Moixa Battery Storage options which fit on the AC side of a PV system.

LOW PRICES for installers for Growatt inverters. Please login or register for trade discount rates.

Free PV design software!

Design your array the easy way using- easy-pv.co.uk

  • draw roof and panels to scale
  • specify mounting components
  • select appropriate inverters
  • performance and shading calculations
  • roof and wind loading checks
  • schematics
  • components list
  • pdf design specification

Head on over to easy-pv.co.uk! or visit the tools page


We stock a wide range of top quality panels, from Perlight, Sapphire, BenQ, LG Solar and Panasonic.

We hold good stocks of most brands, so if you're an MCS-accredited installer get in touch.

All the rest...

You can get great value isolators, meters, cables and connectors, and label sets - all you need for an MCS-accredited installation.

GSE In Roof mounting

Roof integrated solar PV mounts are easy to fit, look good and are great value. Now with MCS 012 certification for use with any framed panels.

Available for next-day delivery.

See the full range available from GSE in roof or see some pictures of installed systems.

Midsummer Energy is a limited company (Company No: 7427197) trading from
Unit 2, 149B Histon Road, Cambridge, CB4 3JD.
Our VAT number is GB 929 3614 04.


solar panels
Perlight Solar
Good value, good looks and high outputs from these Mono modules.
Bankable Australian poly from Sapphire
BenQ Solar
High output, high efficiency and look great.
Panasonic Solar
Sanyo HiT is now Panasonic, but still the highest efficiency solar panels available.
LG Solar
Highly recommended by installers.
An inverter to suit everyone, from 1kW upwards. Includes 2.5kW, 3kW and 4kW dual MPPT twin tracker inverters
Top quality German inverters in a stunning range of sizes
Solar Edge
Power optimisers with monitoring. The best way to get the most out of shaded or complex arrays
Innovative inverter solutions from this trusted brand
An excellent, reliable range - and stylish into the bargain.
APS Micros
Dual microinverters to save time and money
Grasol on-roof Mounting
Sturdy aluminium mounting system - we have brackets for almost any type of roof
Flat Roof Mounts
Choose either a ballast-based or a lightweight aluminium system for your flat roof installation
GSE Roof-integrated
Reliable, cost-effective roof-integrated solar mounting solutions
Ground Mounts
Steel frames for ground mounted systems
Store excess power for use later
Leading battery storage and backup systems
Hybrid inverters and storage systems that work in a powercut
AC coupled system with groundbreaking GridShare scheme
AC coupled system with scalable battery storage sizes that offer tremendous value
Immersion controllers
Use excess power generated by solar PV panels to heat hot water and more!
Car Chargers
EV charging points
all the rest
Cables & connectors
Solar PV double-insulated cables and MC3 and MC4 connectors.
AC and DC isolators
OFGEM-approved kWh meters
A variety of array monitors
String Fuses
A range of fuses, holders and combiner boxes
Label packs with all the warning labels needed for an MCS accredited installation.
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Get in touch with us to find out more! 01223 851535

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