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Sunamp UniQ HW 6



UniQ HW - Designed to produce domestic hot water and are heated directly by boiler or high temperature heat pump (HTHP). It can be used as an alternative to a hot water storage tank, providing the same energy storage in a much smaller volume. The reduced size combined with the fact that the Sunamp does not need any venting allows for full flexibility in install location.

How is it charged?

Using a hot water source such as a boiler or high temperature heat pump (HTHP).

What size of house should it be used in?

The UniQ 6 HW would typically be installed in a 1 or 2 bedroom property as a rule of thumb.

How much energy does it store?

The UniQ 6 HW can store around 7.0Wh, or approximately the equivalent of a 142L hot water cylinder.

Note: This unit weighs 132 kg and tilting beyond 45 degrees may damage the unit so keep this in mind when finding a site for it.