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Intatec - Intasol combi-valve




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The intasol combi diverter valve enables Sunamp Therminos to be linked with a combi boiler. In the event the hot water temperature in the Thermino dips below a usable temperature, the valve diverts this water to the combi boiler treating it as a pre-heat. The valve then blends hot water produced by the combi boiler or the cylinder with cold water from the mains to deliver water at a safe, usable temperature for the end user.

  • Links a Sunamp Thermino to a combi boiler
  • WRAS approved
  • Diverts to hot water from the combi boiler in the event of low cylinder temperatures
  • Maximises the use of solar heated water in the cylinder
  • Provides safe blended hot water to the end user
  • Maximum static pressure 10 bar
  • Maximum dynamic pressure 5 bar
  • Temperature adjustment range 35 – 55°C Temperature stability ±2°C
  • Maximum inlet temperature 110°C
  • Minimum flow rate for stable operation 6 l/min