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StorEdge STI4 Kit for HD Wave Inverters





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SolarEdge’s StorEdge storage solution allows home owners to maximize self-consumption and enables energy independence. The SolarEdge inverter manages battery and system energy, in addition to its functionality as a DC-optimized PV inverter. Existing SolarEdge single phase systems can be upgraded to StorEdge. The StorEdge interface is then required to connect the high-voltage battery to the SolarEdge inverter.

With SolarEdge's StorEdge solution, homeowners can add battery storage to their PV system and increase their self-consumption level as well as lower their electricity bills. The PV Self-Consumption app can be used to estimate the self-consumption level before and after the StorEdge solution is added. Just input the residential PV system size and annual household energy consumption to show the estimated PV self-consumption.

This kit includes:

  • 1x SolarEdge StorEdge STI4 interface
  • 1x LG Chem HV battery (choose 7kWh or 10kWh from the options)
  • 1x SolarEdge Wattnode modbus meter
  • 1x SolarEdge 100A CT clamp
  • 1x Kraus and Naimer single string DC isolator 20A@1000V
  • 2x MC4 branch connector pairs
  • 3x MC4 connector pairs
  • 1x 50m 4mm2 DC PV cable

You will also need some Cat V cable.