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SolaX X1 3.0 AC Triple Battery Bundle

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Solax AC-coupled inverter charger for battery storage. The X1 AC offers improved round-trip efficiency of 96% AC to battery, 97% Battery to AC, up to 6kW charge/discharge rate and compatibility with high voltage batteries.

The AC retrofit model can be installed on existing PV installations alongside the existing string inverter, on new systems that require charge from grid flexibility, but also in properties with no solar – enabling the end user to store cheap overnight electricity for use during high-tariff periods.

This bundle package combines the AC charger with the new triple power batteries. A maximum of 3 batteries may be installed in series.

Triple power batteries have a 5 year warranty.

Kit contains:

  • 3kW X1 AC inverter charger (no EPS)
  • One or two 4.5kWh, 5.8kWh or 6.3kWh Triple Power HV battery(s) - see drop down options
  • Triple Power BMS
  • Eastron/Chint meter
  • All necessary cables

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