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Grasol panel mid clamp silver GS-IC-F





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Mid clamps secure two neighbouring solar panels to the mounting rails, and are used in between panels (at the end of a row, use the end clamps).

Important - please check if you require the GR or the new GS profile before ordering. Please select your solar panel frame thickness from the options menu above before ordering. Sizes available are:

  • Mid Clamp Kit 30mm - GS-IC-F30
  • Mid Clamp Kit 35mm - GS-IC-F35
  • Mid Clamp Kit 40mm - GS-IC-F40
  • Mid Clamp Kit 46mm - GS-IC-F46
  • Mid Clamp Kit 50mm - GS-IC-F50
  • Mid Clamp Kit 57mm - GS-IC-F57 (special order)