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SOLiC Wireless Solar Immersion Controller



The SOLiC Wireless is an easily installed Solar Immersion Controller, that comes complete and ready to fit. In simple terms it works like a high powered, automatic controlled, variable dimmer switch,much like a you see on lights bulbs. This offers only the power you would have exported to, typically, an immersion element, giving the household a free hot water tank most days of the year.
Earthwise Products Limited has been in the solar immersion manufacturing and design market place
for over 7 years now and has vast experience of this technology with over 13,000 sales of its award
winning SOLiC 200 wired version to date.

Key Features

1. UK manufactured in South Oxfordshire.

2. 10 Year Return to base warranty.

3. Each unit is shipped with the sensor unit pre paired to the main unit.

4. Uses a mains powered 433hz wireless system for consistent connection.

5. The Sensors signals the main unit to correct the load power availability five times a second for high accuracy.

6. Automatically sets the direction of the sensor clamp on start up.

7. CE approved and safety tested.

8. Offers class leading accuracy zero threshold maximising your saving.

9. The unit is a standalone and does not affect existing FITs you are receiving for you Solar Panels or other systems.

10. The main unit is mounted on the fused spur of the immersion heater but can also be used to power any resistive electrical heating load for instance a storage heater or an electric element in an oil filled radiator.

11. You would expect a full priced installation to pay for itself in two to three years.

12. Earthwise have had three units installed for the last two years in their Oxfordshire Offices.