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Samsung 8kw Heat Pump bundle with Sunamp UniQ 9

8kW bundle





This bundle is all the key equipment and information you'll need for a full Samsung heat pump with Sunamp heat battery installation in one place at a great price.

The combination of Samsung heat pump and Sunamp heat battery allows a full system on a smaller footprint, perfect for a small residential house or flat.

Included in the bundle:

- Samsung EHS Gen 6 - 5kW Monobloc heat pump
- Sunamp UniQ 9 HW +iLTHP (Samsung) - equivalent to 212 litre cylinder
- Samsung control pack (MIM-E03CN)
- Feet or wall mounting options for heat pump (optional - select in drop down menu)
- Insulated flexible hoses
- Elterm low loss header
- 25 litres of Thermox DTX antifreeze heat transfer fluid (enough for a ~100l heating system)
- Tempering valve for Sunamp
- HWS expansion vessel for Sunamp
- Sealed system kit for heating system (Altecnic Robokit Compact)
- Strainer-isolation combination valve (Altecnic intaball combi)
- Flush/fill/drain valve (Altecnic)
- Isolation valves (pair, Altecnic intaball)
- Control valves (pair, EPH pluggable motorised control valves)

Technical Information

  • Heat pump model # AE080RXYDEG/EU
  • Controller pack # MIM-E03CN
  • Heating nominal capacity [kW] 8.00
  • MCS listed SCOPs: @35°C - 4.44, @40°C - 4.14, @45°C - 3.84, @50°C - 3.53, @55°C - 3.23
  • Compressor type BLDC Twin Rotary Refrigerant volume - R32 [kg] 1.15
  • Heating system required flow rate [l/m] 7
  • Hot water heating up to 65ºC
  • Operating temperature range [ºC] -25 to +35
  • Electricity supply 220-240V
  • Sound power [dBA] 63
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) [mm] 998 x 940 x 330
  • Net Weight [kg] 76.0