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Owl Room Sensor RBT-3C TSE220-1001



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Room Sensor - Heating Zone Control to accompany the Owl Intuition kit. Note that a network Owl Gateway is also required to create a working system - the gateway is available from Midsummmer as part of the Owl Intuition PV.

Product Features:
  • Allows remote control of a single heating zone.
  • Configurable programmable timeclock and thermostat.
  • Customisation of temperature requirements for the property.
  • Additional Room Sensors can be installed on the same system; giving control of multiple heating zones.
  • Can be retrofitted in place of existing temperature controls; no new wiring!
  • Fully programmable control via an online web dashboard, or quick overrides available on your Android device or i-phone for when you're on the move or at the office.
Possible Enhancements:

Install your room sensor anywhere in the house with the use of an OWL Intuition Relay Unit.

Technical Specifications:
  • Room Sensor – 868MHz
  • Operating range up to 50m (In free space)
  • Storage conditions: -25ËšC to +65ËšC
  • Relative humidity: 25% to 95% non-condensing
  • Operating temperature: 0ËšC to 40ËšC
  • Ingress protection: IP30
Includes Room Sensor [RBT-3C] (Battery powered, with Comfort (+), Standby & Away buttons), back plate, safety wiring cover, 2 x AAA alkaline battery, Installation Instructions.

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