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Mixergy 210L Direct Slimline Cylinder






The Mixergy hot water tank is a premium stainless steel cylinder designed to optimise energy consumption, improve utilisation of renewable energies and enable intelligent control over water usage.

Unlike conventional hot water tanks which heat all or nothing, Mixergy’s novel top-up technology enables you to selectively heat what you need.

Choose your heating source from the right hand side including heat pump, solar or both. Find out more about the different options below.

**N.B. we're still distributing the remaining old models from our stock; these look slightly different in design to that pictured above, but are identical in functionality**

Volumetric heating

Only heat what you need. Save <20% on hot water bills by reducing energy wastage.

Heat Quicker

In electric mode Mixergy tanks heat the bit of the tank by the outlet meaning you get your hot water faster.

Change Heat Source

Heat your water with a mix of energy sources: Electric, solar PV and heat pumps!

Never Run Out

Build a schedule that ensures you always have enough water available. Our Machine Learning optimises how much to heat and when, preventing you from running out!


  • Diameter 478mm
  • Height 2081mm
  • Empty weight/ Full weight 40kg/ 250kg
  • Minimum reheat time (15 to 65 degrees) 30min
  • 70% charge reheat time direct (15 to 65 °C) 172min
  • 100% reheat time direct (15 to 65 °C) 246min

Comes with

  • ‘B’ ERP rating (medium cycle ERP draw test)
  • 63mm HCFC-free insulation
  • 100% recyclable duplex stainless steel
  • Full warranty (25-year cylinder, 3-year electrics)
  • Installation manual
  • Local hard-wired controller ‘The Gauge’
  • Pre-fitted control panel ‘The Brain’
  • Secondary return ports on all cylinders >210L

Heat Pump Tank Overview

Solar Tank Overview