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Emlite EMA1.AZ GSM 1ph Smart Meter



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Remote automatic metering for micro-generation. The meter is of modular construction and allows a range of communication modules to be fitted to allow for future developments in remote metering. 

Additional functionality includes time-of use rate switching, power quality recording, active (kWh) and reactive (kvarh) energy measurement across both import and export. 

  • Dimensions: 182H 126W 68D
  • Weight <1kg
  • MID approved
  • Terminal size: 8.2mm diameter
  • Solid brass terminal construction
  • Imax 100A
  • Accuracy class B
  • IP52
  • Modem Ref:  EMGSM1
  • Meter Ref for MCS registration: EMA1.AZ

To activate the remote monitoring you'll need to sign up for an account with meteronline.co.uk , decmetrics.co.uk or aslh.co.uk. They will be able to provide you with a sim card a monitoring service.

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