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LG 370W Neon R V5 Black Framed Mono

Neon R

The LG Neon R is the new high-performance solar module from LG. It's aesthetic design and outstanding performance of 370W is a valuable addition to any roof. The 60 cell solar module can endure a static front load up to 6,000Pa, has an expanded product warranty of 25 years and a once-again improved linear performance warranty.

The busbars on the new LG Neon R are mounted on the rear of the cells to expose the entire front side to light and therefore generate more electricity. LG creates an innovative and aesthetic cell design by incorporating 30 rear-side busbars instead of the 3 or 4 standard busbars on the cell front, a revolutionary approach that guarantees outstanding module performance.


  • Peak power Wp 370W
  • Voltage at peak power Vmp: 37.0V
  • Max open circuit voltage Voc: 42.8V
  • Current at peak power Imp: 10.01A
  • Max short circuit current Isc: 10.82A
  • Weight: 17.5kg
  • Dimensions: 1700 x 1016 x 40mm
  • Warranty on output: 25 Years Linear Warranty
  • Product warranty: 25 years

Product Code: LG370Q1C-V5

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