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SUN2000 15KTL 3 phase inverter

12 - 36kW


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The SUN2000 15 kW 3 phase string inverter by Huawei is a new high in safe, reliable and efficient performance. Through continued innovation the SUN2000 has reached a peak efficiency of 98.5% and an EU weighted efficiency of 98.0%, meaning the efficiency stays high with varying loading conditions. The system is AI powered to proactively mitigate fire risk which combined with arc fault protection this makes the SUN2000 15KTL one of the safest sting inverter options available. These safety features combined with no use of quick wearing parts have enabled the SUN2000-15KTL to boast a less then 0.5% failure rate, meaning its going to be working and producing in the field longer then similar power alternatives. 


  • Max efficiency: 98.65%
  • EU efficiency: 98.30%
  • Recommended max power in: 29,760 W
  • Operating voltage range: 160 - 950V
  • Rated output power: 15 kW
  • Operating temperature: -25 oC to 60 oC
  • Dimensions: 525 x 470 x 262 mm
  • Weight: 25kg

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