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30kW PCS controller with 64kWh battery SME system




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GivPCS 30kW controller with 64kWh battery system is a small to medium enterprise energy storage system. The use of modular battery packs (9.6kWh each) that use the latest in LiFePOprismatic cell technology with a plug and play design make scaling the system to the perfect capacity simple. For larger projects up to 2 additional battery racks (64 kWh each) can be added the the system, giving a total combined capacity of 192 kWh. 

The system can be monitored and controlled using the energy management system (EMS) on the GivEnergy platform with additional monitoring points available to integrate to give more specific data e.g. renewable energy generation on site. 

This product does not have G99 certification without a dedicated G99 protection relay, that can be made part of the installation costs.

Please get in contact for delivery arrangement and price.


  • Nominal power capacity: 30 kW
  • Maximum efficiency: 95%
  • Nominal grid voltage: 400V
  • Norminal AC current: 44A
  • Maximum AC current: 48A
  • DC voltage range: 0 - 900V
  • Full load voltage range: 350 - 850V
  • Nominal DC current: 91A
  • Dimensions: 800 x 600 x 2140 mm
  • Weight: 490 kg
  • Operating temperature: -35 oC to 45 oC
  • IP20 grade
  • Ethernet, RS485 and CAN2.0 communication
  • 3 phase AC output