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Fronius warranty extensions for catagory 2 inverters






The Fronius warranty extensions are divided into categories which cover different inverters. This is to prevent smaller inverter extensions being overly expensive in order to cover larger inverters and helps make sure that the extension cost is matched with the inverter you have.

The category 2 inverters are:

  • Galvo 3.0kW
  • Primo GEN24 3kW - 6kW
  • Symo GEN24 3kW - 5kW
  • Symo Hybrid 3kW - 5kW
  • Symo 3kW - 6kW
  • Primo 3kW - 6kW

The Fronius warranty extension comes in two levels, giving you maximum flexibility.

The Fronius Warranty Extension is a cost-effective way of protecting yourself against risks. If a claim is made, Fronius bear the cost of the materials.
The Fronius Warranty Extension Plus provides you with comprehensive cover. If a claim is made, in addition to the material costs, Fronius cover the transportation costs and a service fee.