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Fronius Symo Hybrid 4.0



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This inverter is not G98/G99 certified, so it will no longer be sold for new UK installs. However, it could be used for replacing an old inverter.

Three-phase hybrid inverter suitable for adding Fronius batteries, LG or Tesla battery storage. The Symo 4.0 allows a maximum PV input power of 6.5kW with the excess power being used on site or stored in batteries.

The inverter is IP65 rated for fitting indoors or outdoors and has an emergency power function for providing power in the event of a powercut.

Furthermore, not only can the battery be charged from the DC side, but also from the AC side (for example from existing PV systems or other energy sources, such as a wind turbine). This means the inverter is also suitable for AC-coupled retrofitting.

Item number 3,210,071