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EO Mini Pro charger with DCL - socket (OLEV approved) 





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Meet the EO Mini Pro - the world’s smallest smart home charger designed for the energy conscious EV driver. It’s powered by intelligent software so that you can start, stop and schedule charging – all from the palm of your hand. Your next adventure, commute to work or school run starts here… 

EO offer a comprehensive three-year parts and labour warranty; so if anything goes wrong they'll simply replace it for a new one. No questions asked.


  • Silver/White and Black options available
  • Simple electrical installation
  • 3-year product warranty with options to extend
  • Smallest on the market at 175mm x 125mm x 95mm
  • Universal Type 2 socket as standard - compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands
  • Smartphone app controlled (powered by JuiceNet)
  • 18th Edition IET 6mA DC Leakage Protection included
  • OLEV approved: Home Charge Grant (£500) & Workplace Charging Scheme (£500)
  • An Earth Rod must be fitted with the EO Mini in order to fully comply with 18th Edition Regulations
  • Please contact us for tethered options

Smart Charging

  • Smartphone Control
    Specify when you need your car fully charged by, start time of charge, maximum charge rate, etc.

  • Monitoring and Reporting
    Track and adjust power consumption from your fingertips

  • Notifications
    Set up to 10 automatic notifications e.g. current charge or charging complete

  • Money saving
    Benefit from off-peak or EV tariffs by scheduling charging when energy is cheapest

  • Voice control
    Smart home integration with Amazon Echo/Alexa

Product Code sku is EM002-PRO-DCL-colour

OLEV claim is for EOMINI-PRO