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There's an Uchiki Kuri in my bag

Nope, I’ve never heard of it either, but the Tuesday Veg Bag has become a voyage of exciting new salads, fruit, and veg - the likes of which you will rarely discover on any supermarket shelf. Tuesday afternoons are not renowned for being the most exciting. However, at a certain point every Tuesday afternoon, you will hear a little ripple of chatter go through our Cambridge offices as the veg bags arrive. Thanks to Adrienne at Sweetpea Market Garden, every week, we are treated to the most fantastic variety of locally-grown, organic veg. 

From purple carrots to red potatoes, black radishes to rainbow beetroot, you never know what is going to be in the veg bag this week. One of the biggest joys is discovering endless new varieties of everyday vegetables, many of which you will sadly never see at a supermarket chain. The wide variety of veg also means you will likely have to expand your recipe repertoire! To help with this, we have a dedicated veg bag group chat, where we share different recipes for this week’s veg. 


Photo: Adrienne and her amazing bags of veg!

Our amazing veg bags are thanks to ex-Midsummerite, Adrienne, who, since leaving Midsummer, has delved into the world of agroecology. Agroecology is a broad term, which can be understood as a science, a set of practices, and a social movement. In Adrienne’s own words, “it’s an approach to food production that acknowledges our role within nature and seeks to redress the balance of our natural systems while improving the quantity and quality of the food we can produce.” Adrienne gained varied experience in different agroecological farming setups across the UK and New Zealand, before establishing Sweetpea in 2021.

Sweetpea is based on a 4 acre plot of regeneratively farmed land in Cambridgeshire. Adrienne has used the  plot of land to produce a delicious range of salads, microgreens, edible flowers and other vegetables, all farmed using an agroecological approach. Our veg bags contain a combination of Sweetpea produce and other local and sustainably sourced veg. You can find out more about Sweetpea here, including volunteering opportunities, or getting your hands on some veg bags of your own! https://sweetpeamarketgarden.co.uk/


An assortment of seasonal veg from Sweetpea (above are Uchiki Kuris, also known as Onion Squash or Winter Squash)

Adrienne’s journey establishing Sweetpea has been documented in the new film Six Inches of Soil. Shown at COP28 in December, the film follows the stories of British farmers adopting regenerative farming techniques and pushing back against the industrial food system. The film is being shown at venues all over the country - you can click here to find a venue near you. Check out the trailer below: