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Meet the Midsummer team

Lowri Goodyer, Sales Director

A fellow eco-crusader, Lowri heads up UK sales as well as looking after the company's finances - and climbing, surfing, running, snowboarding or gardening when she wants a rest!

Jamie Vaux, Commercial Director

An environmental business enthusiast who went looking for a company to throw his idealism at, Jamie has spent 10 years chasing sales and building the Midsummer team. If he's not frowning at his phone, you'll find him lifting something heavy or cooking.

Tom Livesey, Operations Director

Tom keeps the wheels of Midsummer turning, from purchasing to logistics and a good dose of technical sales too. His immense product knowledge is only rivalled by his knowledge of craft beers, gourmet recipes and fantasy football tactics.

Dr Andy Rankin, Founder and Managing Director

A former climate scientist who started a solar company from his off-grid home 15 years ago. Andy likes to build things from scratch, whether that's companies, houses, solar farms, software or freight bikes. Certainly the only MD in the industry with ultra-running titles under his belt.


Adam Duncan, Technical Engineer

Sophie Cheal, Operations and Logistics

Kate Pumphrey, Accounts Assistant

Account Team

Sunil Bilimoria, Account Manager

Annie Mckenzie, Account Manager

Jim Sims Williams, Account Manager

Jonathan Vervaeke, Account Manager

Vanessa Hughes, Account Manager

Gus Pitfield, Account Manager

Business Development and Sales Team

Stephen Elado Osuobeni, Business Development Manager

Zoe Rox, Business Development Manager


Ash Cliffe, Business Development & Sales Manager

Off-Grid Team

David Mochrie, Off-Grid Manager

Renewable Heating

Jez Climas, Head of Renewable Heat.

Find out more about Jez

Irish Team

Paul Roberts, Country Manager

Software Team

James Stevenson, Developer

Warehouse Team

Ella James, Deputy Warehouse Manager