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Solar Edge PV Optimiser Benefits

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SolarEdge Power Optimisers and inverters are a great way to get the most out of shaded or complicated arrays.

Optimisers track and modulate the performance of each module, to overcome any differences resulting from shading, orientation or module mismatch. The SolarEdge optimiser system will reduce the impact of these differences to maximise the power of the system, and ensure a quicker return on the investment for domestic and commercial installations.

Quick Summary of benefits:

  1. Shading is sorted now and the system is future-proofed against future tree growth / building construction
  2. The output of the array is increased because it can benefit from power mismatches between panels with positive power tolerance, providing up to 3% extra yield over string inverters.
  3. Soiling, dirt and animal droppings on a panel won't bring down the performance of the whole array.
  4. Uneven ageing of panels does not affect a Solaredge array.
  5. Solaredge
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  6. North, East, West, South facing panels can all be put on the same string.
  7. The reliable parts (mppt trackers) are up on the roof, while the operational parts of the system are in the inverter which is more accessible. This makes Solaredge overall more reliable than micro-inverters.
  8. Solarege inverters can take longer strings than a string inverter (up to 45 panels) - this makes savings on DC cable and isolators - which add up on a big array
  9. Fewer fuses are required- fuses are only needed if the array has three or more strings, which is less likely due to the longer strings, saving on labour.
  10. You can mix modules - helps with operations and maintenance in the future, if one needs replacing
  11. Module level monitoring on your computer and smartphone
  12. Remote PID detection (Potential Induced Degradation of panels)
  13. Remote defective bypass diode detection
  14. The optimizers have potted IP67 electronics with a 25 year warranty.
  15. Solaredge optimizers are safe at only 1v DC while the inverter is off, so you do not have to have a fancy multimeter or even an electrician on the roof to switch one when it goes wrong.
  16. A unique SafeDC mechanism which shuts down DC voltage and current of every module as soon as the system is disconnected from the AC supply for greater safety during maintenance and in the event of a fire.
  17. Firefighter gateway for commercial systems.
  18. Overall cost is lower than micro-inverters

More detail

Read the full set of benefits of Solar Edge v Micro Inverters. Or watch a youtube video.

For the independent perspective read the Photon summary or the full Photon review.

If you are installing commercial sytems then check out the Solar Edge commercial presentation which sets out the additional benefits for large systems in more detail.