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Maximum order capacity

Demand has been building in recent months, and is currently at what we have determined as our maximum capacity to safely dispatch orders. At our current premises we can dispatch 80 pallets of goods a day, as well as the orders that leave on vans, and the hundreds of packages. In spite of (reluctantly) moving our order cut off back to give the operations team a chance to process all of the orders, we are at the moment regularly reaching the 80 pallet limit earlier and earlier in the day, on the day before dispatch. Our order cut off stands at 5pm the day before dispatch - but we may reach the limit earlier than 5pm, in which case we won't be able to accept any more orders for dispatch the following day. The order cut off time alone is unfortunately not enough to limit the number of orders, and there is, of course, a physical limit to what our team can get out of the door (it's a dedicated team, working long shifts and doing as much as they can). So sometimes we need to step in and halt further orders. 

That is obviously not what we want to do. We have just gained access this month to additional premises three times larger than this one, and we add warehouse capacity every week (alongside new recruits in sales and operations). 

As quickly as we can, we will reverse the limits we are forced to place on orders. Wherever possible, we would be really grateful for customers ordering as far in advance as they can, and doubling up on kits wherever possible (i.e. taking two installations' worth in one delivery) since it is far quicker to pack panel pallets that are closer to full pallet quantities, and doubles the volume of kits we can get dispatched. Volume orders are also welcome.    

Please continue to bear with us during these exceptionally busy times, and work closely with your account handler to get orders arranged well in advance.

Thank you for each and every order - we value them hugely, and it pains us to limit them. But we need to operate within the limits of what is safe and sustainable for our team and our logistics partners, whilst at the same time working hard to add extra capacity.

Midsummer Energy