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A Touch of Genius

With the recent launch of their new product SpeedFlash, we’re taking a look at the family business, Genius Roof Solutions, and their history of innovation within the roofing industry.

Founded by roofer Jimmy Hall, Genius Roof Solutions has become a key and trusted player in the roofing industry over the last 30 years, having created products that have transformed the ease, efficiency and quality of key areas of roofing.

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The HallHook: finished look

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The HallHook: how it works 

Early Innovations

Jimmy’s first ground-breaking invention, the HallClip, was designed in 1996 to dramatically increase the speed of securing flashings. This was followed by the HallHook in 2003, Jimmy’s solution for replacing broken slates, using a permanent, concealed hook, rather than unsightly lead or copper straps liable to degradation over time.

A Gap In The Market

It was at this point that Jimmy’s inventions began to cross over into the growing solar industry. This emerging industry brought with it new roofing challenges, which Jimmy, naturally, set about creating solutions for. Installing solar on slate roofs was an area that Jimmy recognised of particular difficulty and poor practice, specifically flashing around brackets. He found that the bracket and flashing material can potentially move, damaging slates and compromising the watertightness of the roof. 

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The SolarFlash 

The SolarFlash

The result was the creation of the SolarFlash (right), which in Jimmy’s own words, was designed “to enable all installers to do it right”. The SolarFlash is a no-’drill through slate’, waterproof solution for refitting tiles around a roof bracket. This invention has proved to be widely popular across the solar industry in the UK and beyond, with kits available for new-build slate, retrofit slate, flat tile and pan tile roofs. It is compatible with any bracket that is designed to be fixed with a clearance from the roof.

The SolarFlash transformed the standard of waterproofing on solar instals. However, the Genius team appreciated there were still limits to the speed of the install, due to the time-consuming nature of removing and refitting tiles. Cue yet more brain-storming and innovation, and the development of Genius’ new product, the SpeedFlash - specifically for slate roofs.

The SpeedFlash

The SpeedFlash (below) takes the core concept of the SolarFlash and makes one key alteration, namely, the SpeedFlash does not require any slates to be removed. This dramatically increases the speed of installing, saving on average 15 minutes per hook compared to SolarFlash. The difference in speed is thanks to the Genius shield, which means that you can cut into slates without damaging the course below. As such, no slates are removed or damaged, resulting in an efficient installation, which preserves the integrity of the roof. The removable cap then means you can install the bracket after the SpeedFlash is in place. 

We’re glad to see that installers are already loving the new SpeedFlash:

“SpeedFlash has our engineers hooked! This revolutionary piece of kit has been a game changer on our installations, halving the time required to install the mounting kit while retaining the roof's integrity better than ever. Gone are the days of bringing mountains of spare slates in case of breakages. SpeedFlash eliminates the need to remove any slates and the installation tool protects the surrounding roof covering to allow for damage free grinding. 

This innovative design exhibits everything Genius Roofing Solutions are known for; superb quality, exceptional durability and dedication to better the solar industry. Speedflash really is genius” 
- Glen Flanagan, EE Renewables Ltd



 Above: The SpeedFlash kit contents