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Ex Vat Inc Vat
Ex Vat Inc Vat


Waste water heat recovery systems, that require no power, no wires, no batteries - and no hassle!

These systems are a very easy retrofit, or are perfect in new builds, where Zypho systems earn some of the easiest SAP points. Either way, with an estimated 10% reduction in residential heating costs and improvement to EPC ratings, Zypho units are a very desirable and effective addition to any hot water system.

Heat transfers from the shower/bath waste water drain to the incoming cold mains supply. This heated water can be directed either to the shower tap, the water heater, or both! Heated cold water can be connected in one of three ways: iZi to tap and boiler (the most efficient configuration), iZi to tap, and iZi to boiler.

For the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on all Zypho products, see their website.