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Sunamp Heat Batteries

Sunamp's UniQ Heat Batteries use phase change materials (PCMs) to efficiently store heat for domestic hot water systems or space heating. When used in conjunction with a PV diverter they allow you to store more of your PV energy for self-consumption.

Sunamp UniQ batteries are available in 3kWh, 6kWh, 9kWh and 12kWh models. For domestic hot water, we recommend the 6kWh battery for 1-2 bed properties, 9kWh for 3 bed properties, and 12kWh for 4 bed properties. For space heating you may need to use several heat batteries in parallel, and we recommend contacting us for advice for configuring such systems.

By using PCMs, Sunamp batteries can be far more compact and lighter than conventional water cylinders and deliver hot water at mains pressure, making the small ones ideal for properties such as 1 bed flats, yachts or narrowboats. The larger ones are great, space-saving replacements for standard cylinders and can even be parallelled for space-heating too.   

The batteries can be retrofitted to existing hot water systems, or specified for use in new build projects.

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