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Projoy 80A 1 pole DC MCB battery switch

DC Breakers



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Projoy 80A 1 pole DIN mounted DC breaker, ideal for battery storage systems.

DC Miniature Circuit Breaker PEBS-L Series, with capacities of load isolation and overload/short circuit protection, are designed for PV, energy storage and other DC applications, mainly placed between batteries and hybrid inverters. Max voltage up to 80VDC, current up to 80A. The main designing criteria of PEBS is to provide scientific arc extinguishing and flash barrier technology to fulfill quick and safe current interruption. Tested according to EN 60947-2, AS/NZS IEC 60947.2: 2015

  • Protection Functions: overload, short circuit. 
  • Rated short circuit breaking capacity Icu up to 10 kA. 
  • Non-polarity, Easy wiring. 
  • Rated Current In up to 80A. 
  • Rated Voltage Ue up to 80V. 
  • Designed for PV, energy storage and other DC applications.