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Fronius Storage

The Fronius GEN24 Plus is manufactured in Austria and is one of the most versatile hybrid inverters with integrated back-up power which can be paired with BYD batteries for a highly flexible system. 

Fronius's broad product range offers domestic and commercial string inverters, battery storage, and immersion control - all inter-compatible to allow for a sophisticated, top-of-the-range system. 

For an overview of the Fronius range and some helpful compatibility guides take a look at their brochure.

Please note that a maximum of 3 HVS battery modules that are connected in series may be used with a Primo GEN24 single phase hybrid inverter, and a maximum of 4 HVS with a Symo GEN24 three phase hybrid inverter. Greater storage capacity may be achieved by parallel connection as mentioned here.

For Fronius support, please see our Technical Support page.