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EO EV Chargers

Buy EO EV chargers at great prices from the UK’s best renewables distributor.

EO produces the world's smallest, and some of the smartest, EV chargers on the market. Suitable for both home and commercial use, their smart energy technologies help remove dependency on the grid (and subsequently dirty fossil fuels). They also enable complete flexibility with how you charge your car with start, stop and scheduled charging via their app or EO Cloud service.

Shop our range of EO EV chargers and accessories below.

All EO products come with a 3 year warranty.

Green charging

Want to charge your car using green energy? The EO Mini Pro 2 connects to your solar panels using their innovative solar matching functionality which matches the amount of energy that is going into your car against the solar that you are generating at any given time.

Smartphone enabled

Full visibility at your fingertips. Monitor energy usage and manage access to your electric vehicle charger using the EO Smart Home App.

Monitor and reporting

With the EO Smart Home App or the EO Cloud, you have full visibility of how your charger(s) perform, ensuring you get the most out of every charge point.

Modular system

Whether you're using this at home or for commercial use, the EO charging system is modular, meaning it allows for more chargers to be added whilst balancing available supply. 

Business solutions

Intelligent charging for fleet, workplace or car parks with load management, charging insights and reports, access management, revenue management and app integrations.

For EO support, please see our Technical Support page.