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The Beauty of Bosch

Ditching boilers and installing millions of heat pumps can seem a pretty daunting prospect to the Great British homeowner, especially when we consider all the uncertainty and misinformation floating around in the media. That’s why it’s great to see a well-known and trusted brand like Bosch championing this transition to low-carbon heating.

As with any new technology many consumers may be sceptical about the look of a heat pump system. A big, chunky unit sat outside and a brand new plumbing system inside the property is understandably not something that everyone will be keen to add to their home. But the great thing about the newest range of Bosch heat pumps is they’ve been designed with the home in mind.

Let’s start with the way they look. Bosch have manufactured these units to not only be reliable and efficient, but a stylish addition to a home. Their modern, all-white design looks less like heavy machinery and more like a genuine household appliance, which makes sense considering Bosch’s decades of experience supplying our homes with washers and refrigerators.

Best of all is their ultra-quiet operation. The 5800i heat pump has been given ‘Quiet Mark’ certification, meaning that they have been independently, scientifically tested by acoustics experts to assure the consumer it is among the quietest currently available on the market. A built-in sound diffuser and insulated fan make the outdoor unit almost unnoticeable, registering at a tranquil 40.5 decibels; barely more than the subtle chirping of the birds. The neighbours won’t even know there’s a heat pump hard at work.

Then there’s Bosch’s 5800i inside unit, an alternative to a pre-plumbed cylinder. At a space efficient height of just 71cm, this wall-mounted unit could feasibly take the place of an old fashioned boiler making it a perfect retrofit solution for even the most compact home. It includes a built-in 3kW electric heater, which provides a peace of mind back-up for the homeowner when the weather is at its coldest. When we’re bringing something new into our homes to carry out such a critical job, it’s the features such as these that make the difference between someone sticking on gas or making the greener choice.

With their Compress 5800i air-source heat pump range, Bosch have cemented their reputation at the forefront of this fast-changing industry. High performance statistics and a Global Warming Potential of just 3 (owing to the use of R290 refrigerant) mean these heat pumps offer an efficient and genuinely sustainable way to keep our houses warm.

Quieter, smaller and also easier to install than ever before, these easy on the eye units are causing quite the stir in the heat pump market. They’re the ultimate solution for future-proof home heating and an installer’s dream!

So now is the time to get yourself familiar with Bosch’s range and find out why they’re perfect for your next project. See our full range of Bosch products here.